October 19, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 1.1

Hard to Talk About in the Classroom

Namiko: Rikka, come with us for a sec. To the vending machine.

Takarada Rikka: Huh?

Hass: 'Tis an interrogation!

Takarada Rikka: W-whoa, wait--!

Namiko: Now now, this might be something that's hard to talk about in the classroom, you know.

Takarada Rikka: So... what is it?

Hass: Don’t "what is it?" us! Namiko said she saw you last night, right?

Takarada Rikka: Oh... that.

Hass: Right. So what were you doing with Hibiki Yuuta-kun last night?

Namiko: C'mon c'mon, I'll buy you a bottle o' MATCH, so out with it.

Takarada Rikka: I can't drink carbonated stuff though... Wait, I mean, it's not like I'm hiding anything, you know?

Namiko: Then hurry and spit it out! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon-c'mon-c'mon-c'mon--

Takarada Rikka: Gah--! So yesterday... Hibiki-kun collapsed in front of my place, gone amnesiac, then I brought him to the hospital. That's about it.

Namiko and Hass: Amnesia!?

Takarada Rikka: It's not that big of a deal, really.

Namiko and Hass: That's a damn big deal, dammit!

Namiko: I mean, amnesia? Is that for real?

Hass: Dayum, dude's in deep doo-doo...

Takarada Rikka: Looks like it's true though. The amnesia stuff.

Namiko: Oh, gimme a break... isn't it strange that he's collapsed in front of Rikka's house in the first place?

Hass: Hear, hear. How'd this happen with just Hibiki and Rikka involved?

Takarada Rikka: Uhh... It's not strange though?

Namiko: Hmm... you're definitely hiding something.

Hass: Like, what, you two went home together?

Namiko: For real!?

Takarada Rikka: None of that. For real.

Namiko: Then what's going on here?

Takarada Rikka: Like, he randomly turned up at my place and said some stuff... what was that about again...?

Namiko and Hass: You suck at lying or what!?

Namiko: And wait, you two aren't dating or anything, right?

Takarada Rikka: That's not it! Really!

Namiko: Mm-hm, I see.

Hass: Thank goodness... As if a guy like Hibiki would make moves on Rikka-san here. That's just ridiculous.

Namiko: Yeah, this is the Rikka-san we're talkin' about, you know.

Hass: The Rikka-san who'd once been a hair model for a parlor in Aoyama, you know!

Namiko: The Rikka-san who'd once bought an Aroma Diffuser from Francfranc, you know!

Takarada Rikka: Hey, stop making it sound like I do those stuff all the time.

Namiko: Right then, Rikka-san... What did you have for today's breakfast?

Takarada Rikka: This morning? Well... fruit granola and smoothie. The green stuff.

Namiko and Hass: There y'go~~

Takarada Rikka: Well excuse me! My mom just bought way too much, so I had to finish them!

Namiko: So you're trying to live the Terrace House lifestyle now, eh~~

Hass: Now that's the Rikka-san who'd once been mistaken for a college student at Omotesando!

Namiko: You might not be aware, Rikka-san, but it's like you're trying too hard to act like an adult, yeah?

Takarada Rikka: What'd you mean I'm trying too hard--

Namiko: Now wait... Were you that close friends with Hibiki?

Takarada Rikka: Nope, not at all. Haven't talked with him much...

Namiko: Right.

Takarada Rikka: There's that time, during the ball game rally before summer...

Namiko: Mm-hm.

Takarada Rikka: I went back to the classroom during break time, and it was just me with Hibiki-kun there... 

Namiko: Mm-hm.

Takarada Rikka: That's when I talked with him a for bit.

Namiko: Ooh... Wait, what's that about?

Takarada Rikka: I mean, other than that time, I haven't talked with Hibiki-kun much at all.

Namiko and Hass: R-right...

Namiko: That sounds... pretty bland.

Hass: Well, that's Hibiki for ya. Ain't got much special aside from that redness of his hair.

Namiko: Yup. So red.

Takarada Rikka: Not like it matters how red it is...

Namiko: Really, if I was a boy, I'd probably not go well with Rikka at all.

Hass: Me too. A 15-year-old who eats granola and eggs benedict for breakfast is way too much for me to handle.

Takarada Rikka: I don't remember saying I ate any eggs benidict though...

Namiko: If I'm gonna go with someone from our class, it's gotta be... Akane, yeah?

Hass: Hear, hear! Super cute, but never around the boys. If I was a boy, I'mma nab her!

Takarada Rikka: Gah... I actually get where you're coming from...

Namiko: Rikka-san here, on the other hand... She's like a girl who'd get along better with the working adults, yeah? That's no good...

Takarada Rikka: Now you're just stereotyping!

Hass: Okay then, Rikka... How much did those shoes of yours cost?

Takarada Rikka: These? Let's see... 18,000 yen?

Hass: Damn, this is why you're--

Takarada Rikka: That's not it! My grandpa bought them for me when I got into high school!

Namiko: Yeah, yeah~~

Hass: Gotta have high standards, eh~~

Namiko: So high~~

Takarada Rikka: I can't help it when the stuff just come naturally, you know!

Hass: That's our Rikka-san for ya~~

Takara Rikka: Enough already, jeez...