December 14, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 10.10

A Way to Get into Tiresome Stuff

Hibiki Yuuta: Well, I'm glad you're not depressed or anything, Utsumi.

Utsumi Shou: Not like I can be, what with the midterms coming up. It's just... I am worried about Shinjo not coming to school.

Hibiki Yuuta: Right...

Utsumi Shou: But maybe or maybe not thanks to that, there hasn't been many Kaiju popping up recently. It feels... peaceful, so to speak. Makes me think the Kaiju won't ever be appearing again, even.

Hibiki Yuuta: You think so?

Utsumi Shou: It's always possible.

Hibiki Yuuta: If that's the case, would that mean I won't have to be Gridman anymore?

Utsumi Shou: Well, that's the natural course of things. You gotta think about a future of your own without being Gridman, Yuuta.

Hibiki Yuuta: A future of my own, without being Gridman, huh...

*Namiko and Hass' background chatter*

Namiko: Ah! If it isn't Turbo-senpai!

Hass: Turbo-senpai, Turbo-senpai, where'd you buy that bag from? Is it straight from a turbo shop? 

Utsumi Shou: Oh, bite me...

*Namiko and Hass' background laughter*

Utsumi Shou: Ugh, dealing with them is a surefire way to get into bothersome stuff... Let's go, Yuuta.

Hibiki Yuuta: Right...

Namiko: Now wait a sec. We got business with the red one.

Hibiki Yuuta: Uh-- m-me?

Hass: Let's hear your progress, man~~

Hibiki Yuuta: Progress on what?

Utsumi Shou: Huh...? Oh, is it that? I actually wanted to ask you about that, too.

Hibiki Yuuta: Uh, about what?

Hass: Now now, that doesn't matter. C'mon, hurry and spit it out!

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh?

Namiko: Stuff between you and Rikka, of course!

Hibiki Yuuta: Rikka... and... me?

Hass: Gah, talking to this guy is such a hassle!

Namiko: Dude, you really that dense?

Utsumi Shou: What are you, a light novel main character?

Hibiki Yuuta: A light what now?

Hass: No, no, we're asking if you've made any progress with Rikka yet!

Hibiki Yuuta: Aha... right! So it's about that! Progress, huh... Well, nothing in particular, I'd say.

Namiko: Huh...?

Hass: Oh c'mon, you're no fun...

Namiko: Really? Nothing at all? It's gonna be too late if you don't hurry. Someone on Rikka-san's level wouldn't normally be free halfway into the second semester, y'know.

Hass: That's right. Normally, someone else ought'a nab her away already.

Utsumi Shou: That's a bad choice of words...

Hibiki Yuuta: Oh no, someone like me wouldn't--

Namiko: Of course you're saying that... If you don't make any moves and Rikka ended up getting herself a boyfriend, you better not come crying to anyone.

Hass: I swear, you're like the type who thinks not making moves means you're being sincere...

Hibiki Yuuta: Well, I'm not so sure about that...

Namiko: So did you invite Rikka anywhere? C'mon.

Hibiki Yuuta: Hmm... Ah, there's that one time I invited her to the family restaurant in front of the station. Went with everyone else too, though.

Namiko: Hah...! That doesn't count as inviting, man!

Hass: And really, a family restaurant? Don't tell me it's that place? The cheap one near the south exit? That's no good, man!

Namiko: I'm guessing you used a coupon as well, yeah?

Hibiki Yuuta: Eh... is it bad to use one?

Hass: Hey, this is the Rikka-san we're talkin' about!

Namiko: That's right! You gotta invite her to more Rikka-san-ish places!

Hibiki Yuuta: Rikka-san-ish places...?

Namiko: Enoshima!

Namiko and Hass: Toranomon Hills!

Hibiki Yuuta: What kind of high standards is that!?

Namiko: This is the Rikka-san who sits in a terrace seat at the offshore restaurant even in the winter, you know!

Hass: This is the Rikka-san who fixes her bangs with a curler every morning, you know!

Hibiki Yuuta: I'm not following all this stuff at all...

Utsumi Shou: Now now, I mean, I'd say Yuuta did give things a try, you know.

Namiko: Hey. You sure are acting high and mighty for someone who wants to be an anime VA, man.

Hibiki Yuuta: You want to be an anime VA?

Utsumi Shou: What's that supposed to mean?

Hass: C'mon, don't try to hide it. You want to be an anime voice actor, right?

Utsumi Shou: Nope, nope, I never even said that!

Hibiki Yuuta: ...Wait, no, you did!

Utsumi Shou: Hell no I didn'-- oh. I did. Yeah. I was just rolling along when I lied to Rikka's mom as cover-up though.

Hibiki Yuuta: How'd other people even know about it?

Utsumi Shou: Women's news networks are scary, man...

Hass: Hey, want me to write you a recommendation for an anime-focused school? C'mon, c'mon--

Utsimi Shou: Don't poke me! God, you're annoying...

Hass: Hey, I'll make sure to choose you a famous place!

Utsumi Shou: The hell's wrong with you!? Big talk from someone who only makes those boring vids!

Hass: WHAT!?

Utsumi Shou: I actually just saw your stuff the other day, you know! Please subscribe to my channel and smash that like button, and stuff! You're a completely different person at school!

Hass: Hey, you can't just go around watching my vids!

Utsumi Shou: Then don't broadcast it to the whole world, dammit!

Hass: Wait... you've been watching? That's gross, man...

Utsimi Shou: Hey, I just watched it once! And it was so boring I fast-forwarded through most of it anyway! That's why you're lumped together with Arcadia, dammit!

Namiko: Wait a sec, how'd you even know that!?

Utsumi Shou: Uh... oh, shi--

Hass: No way... Don't tell me you were following us back then---

Namiko: HUH!?

Utsumi Shou: Uh, um... 

Hass: Gah, this is too much... Too much, I say... So scary...

Namiko: Uh, I'm so sorry, I just can't... So sorry...

Utsumi Shou: What, no no no! That's not it! I mean... It's not that I was following, but--

Hass: Not that you were following, but?

Utsumi Shou: ...Yes, I was following.

Namiko: To hell with you!

Utsumi Shou: I'm so sorry. I did it on impulse. I'll die now...

Hibiki Yuuta: ...I'm so sorry.

Namiko and Hass: YOU TOO!?

Hibiki Yuuta: So sorry! So sorry! That day, I was worried about Rikka, so...

Namiko: Oh. Keepin' eyes Rikka, huh... I see, I see...

Hibiki Yuuta: Uh, I know it's a bad thing I was doing... But it's like I couldn't control myself, or something... Yes. I'm so sorry.

Hass: Good god, you guys sure are the worst...

Namiko: Hass-chan?

Hass: Hmm?

Namiko: Now, how about we do 'em a favor and ignore this once?

Hass: Wait, you're letting them off?

Namiko: No way. Like I said, a favor! So they wouldn't feel like going against us, at least in high school!

Hass: Hmm... Well, that sounds good, too.

Namiko: Alright! Now, guys, we'll keep this away from Rikka, so... Better repay our favor to you, eh?

Hass: You better, eh?

Hibiki Yutta: Uh... Yes, ma'am. I'll repay as much as I can. Gah, and that's the worst ever place to be indebted to...

Utsumi Shou: Now, be vigilant, lest the interest overtake the loan.

Hibiki Yuuta: Sounding nice there, man.

Utsumi Shou: Oh, yeah.

*Yuuta and Shou walk away*

Hass: Namiko.

Namiko: Hmm?

Hass: This isn't bugging me much or anything, but...

Namiko: Huh?

Hass: Those guys... They're totally ignoring us now, aren't they?

Namiko: Uh... Yeah...

Hass: Well, I mean, this is fine, too, don't you think?

Namiko: Mm-hmm... This is fine, too. Yeah. Totally.

Hass: Kinda is, yeah...

Namiko: Kinda, yeah...

Hass: Yeah. This is fine.

Namiko: Yeah. It's not like we're important or anything.

Hass: Yup. This doesn't bug us at all.

Namiko: Yeah. Totally not bugged.