December 3, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 9.9

I'll Reflect Upon It. ...I've Reflected Upon It.

Max: Yuuta, Utsumi, Rikka... All of them had suddenly fallen into deep sleep, as if they were locked into a world of dreams, from which they will never awaken. What could possibly be the cause? ...What is your take on this, Borr?

Borr: Uh, sorry -- Thought you were talking so yourself, so I didn't listen. Er, what was that again?

Samurai Calibur: Th-these three aren't waking up.

Borr: Oh, that... That's true, yeah.

Max: The possibility of this being caused by an enemy attack is high. What is your take on this, Vit?

Vit: Huh--? Hm. Well... isn't that nice?

Borr: Dude wasn't listening at all, was he?

Vit: Of course not! I was listening! And that aside, this hojicha latte smells weird, don't you think?

Borr: C'mon, don't try to change the subject.

Vit: Like I said, I was listening! It's about that... you know... discussions... about the enemy, yeah?

Borr: That's way too broad, dammit! I knew you weren't listening to most of it! So you see... Yuuta and co. fell asleep and aren't waking up.

Samurai Calibur: The situation is obviously unusual.

Max: We do not know the cause.

Vit: That's true...

Max: It is a condition we have never been subject to... How is it possible that the smell of hojicha latte is so far-reaching?

Samurai Calibur: Th-this could be caused by the milk...

Borr: Dammit. The topic's changed already, dammit...

Vit: Look, just try smelling this hojicha latte. It's weird, I say.

Borr: Really? Eh, give it here. *sniff* The hell's this, ditch water!? This freakin' stinks!

Vit: I already told you, didn't I?

Borr: Now this is unacceptable... Not in a restaurant, that's for sure! Let's go complain 'bout this.

Vit: Nah, that's a hassle. It's fine.

Borr: Well, I'm gonna say it. Excuse me! Mama-san!? Excuse me!! Hello!?

Vit: ...Not here?

Max: She might be up on the second floor.

Borr: Excuse me! Mama-san!? Hey, Mama-san! Ugh, looks like useless auntie ain't here.

Rikka Mama: Sorry for being a useless auntie!

Borr: Wah-- auntie's actually here.

Rikka Mama: What is it!? Did you need anything from this useless auntie!?

Borr: Uh, why's she all pissed...?

Vit: She's triggered 'cause you called her auntie, that's why.

Borr: So annoying...

Rikka Mama: Thanks TriggerARIGATORIGGER for the explanation!

Borr: Ugh, so annoying... Like, that's not what I meant. When I say auntie, I didn't mean it like an actual old lady, so to speak. It's more like... because you're Rikka's parent, you know?

Rikka Mama: Is that so? Good, then!

Borr: So annoying...

Rikka Mama: So, what did you need from me? There's culture school coming up, so I'll be heading out soon.

Max: Culture school...?

Rikka Mama: Mm-hm. Stuff like pilates and flower arrangements...

Borr: Totally auntie stuff right there.

Rikka Mama: And I want to go shopping at the fair afterwards, too.

Borr: Yup, totally auntie stuff right there!

Rikka Mama: Could you at least say adult woman?

Borr: How's that even different from auntie?

Samurai Calibur: B-Borr. S-stop it right there. Everyone wants to be young, but that doesn't mean they all can be.

Max: Exactly. Besides, Mama-san here actually looks young enough that one would not think she has a daughter in high school. And... she is a beautiful woman.

Rikka Mama: W-wait a sec -- Now, you can't go around saying that! ...Well hello there! I'm Charlize Theron!

Borr: Where'd that Charlize Theron joke even come from!?

Vit: What, weren't you supposed to be Angelina Jolie?

Rikka Mama: Who're you calling Maleficent!?

Borr: What're you even talking about?

Rikka Mama: Like, who'd even want to be that kind of mother!?

Samurai Calibur: T-the hojicha latte...

Borr: Oh, yeah. Um, 'scuse me...

Rikka Mamaa: ...ain't like Arnold Schwarzenegger's fame overshadowing his characters, y'know?

Borr: Excuse me...

Rikka Mama: ...I mean, that's popular stuff among moms, and all...

Borr: Mama-san?

Rikka Mama: ...but I've been told often that I'm beautiful...

Borr: Mama-san.

Rikka Mama: ...with my red lips and all too, y'know...

Borr: Mama-san?

Rikka Mama:, Rikka-chan's mom, your lips are...

Borr: Mama-san.

Rikka Mama: ...but the hot stuff back in our days would be...

Borr: Mm-hm.

Rikka Mama: ...that Tomb Raider-like look, I guess?

Borr: Excuse me! About this hojicha latte--!

Rikka Mama: ...for real, papa-to-be and Tomb Raider...

Borr: Excuse me!

Rikka Mama: ...and the honeymoon...

Borr: Listen to me, old hag!

Rikka Mama: Huh? What was that? Try saying that again--

Borr: I said listen, old hag!

Rikka Mama: Hey, watch it!!


Borr: Ouch--!

Max: She punched!

Vit: She punched!

Samurai Calibur: She punched.

Borr: Damn you-- I'm a customer, you know!

Rikka Mama: I'm your elder, you know!

Borr: That's why you're an old hag!

Rikka Mama: Charlize Theron is not an old hag!

Borr: You're not Charlize Theron!

Rikka Mama: What makes you confident, saying that?

Borr: Charlize Theron doesn't make stinking hojicha latte, that's why!

Rikka Mama: Wait, I don't think the hojicha latte stinks though?

Borr: Then why's it smellin' like this!? Here, try it!

Rikka Mama: No way... why should I?

Max: Theron-san. Please.

Rikka Mama: Oh, sure... Pass me that.

Borr: Here y'go.

Rikka Mama: Gah, this stinks! Stinks like, what, ditch water!? What's going on here!? Huh...?

Borr: There! I told ya! 

Rikka Mama: Yup, it sure is stinkin' bad. I'mma throw it away.


Max: She got rid of it!

Vit: She got rid of it!

Samurai Calibur: She got rid of it.

Rikka Mama: Now then, maybe I should go straight to shopping? There's a Hokkaido Fair going on right now. I'll bring back souvenirs for you, Cali-chan.

Samurai Calibur: Thank you very much.

Rikka Mama: Blessings of the sea, fresh from the northern territory! The finest beef! The sweetest sweets! The tastes of Hokkaido! Enjoy it to its fullest!

Borr: Don't give me that 'enjoy'! You know that you still have to do something first, right!?

Rikka Mama: Huh?

Borr: You think bringing up the fair would distract me or what!?

Rikka Mama: What, you don't wanna eat jamón ibérico shabu? Imported straight from Spain, y'know?

Borr: I do want to eat it, but that's beside the point!

Rikka Mama: There y'go~~

Vit: That's got nothing to do with Hokkaido though.

Borr: Gah, that's not what I meant! You need to apologize first, right!? I just got punched back there, y'know! 

Rikka Mama: Uh... That's... *ahem ahem* Why should I...?

Borr: Oh c'mon, I'm know you know why! Don't beat around the bush!

Rikka Mama: Eh...

Samurai Calibur: Theron-san. Please.

Rikka Mama: Sorry for punching you. I'll reflect upon it. ...I've reflected upon it.

Borr: Alright.

Rikka Mama: And I'll try to make better hojicha latte next time.

Borr: Alright! All settled now.

Max: Will this store be alright...? What is your take on this, Calibur?

Samurai Calibur: If it was doing alright in the first place... there should be more customers coming here than now.