November 24, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 8.8

Family Argument in a School Festival

Rikka Mama: Gah, my legs are all numb... But the Tea Ceremony Club was nice, yeah? Namiko-chan really was something else back there.

Takarada Rikka: Mm-hm... sure was!

Rikka Mama: Looks like lots of people are visiting, too. Your school's festival is going well, eh?

Takarada Rikka: Eh... You think so?

Rikka Mama: By the way, where'd Hass-chan go off to?

Takarada Rikka: Ah, Hass will be on duty soon, so she's meeting up with our classmates.

Rikka Mama: I see... So, where should we go next~?

Takarada Rikka: Hehheh... Now hold it -- Why do I feel like I'm totally in festival mode with my mom?

Rikka Mama: And what's wrong with that? C'mon, let's go!

Takarada Rikka: Wait, why!? Can't you just, like, visit the PTA's section like the rest of the parents? Get something to eat at that boring bazaar?

Rikka Mama: Hey, don't say things like the rest or boring bazaar! ...It does sound boring though!

Takarada Rikka: What's up with that? But really, I don't wanna be seen by my classmates while going around with my parents, you know.

Vit: 'Cause it'll look like you don't have friends, eh?

Takarada Rikka: Wah -- Huh!? Vit-san, why're you here!?

Vit: Now, no worries. I didn't come in with outside shoes this time. I made sure to borrow slippers.

Takarada Rikka: No, that's not what I meant! Didn't you people just get reported the other day!? Is it alright for you to come into the school?

Vit: Ah, it's not like I care about that, really.

Takarada Rikka: Well, I'm more concerned about the ones reporting, actually. By the way, what about the others?

Vit:  Hmm? Everyone else is lining up for some buttered potatoes.

Takarada Rikka: Please, you people are marked as suspicious now, for crying out loud... Why're they casually lining up for high school students' buttered potatoes?

Vit: You can say that again!

Takarada Rikka: Hey, don't say that like it's someone else's business! You're in the same boat as them, you know.

Rikka Mama: Hey, let's go check this out!

Takarada Rikka: Whoa -- you spooked me there! What, you're still looking?

Rikka Mama: Wildlife Club... Rare Organism Specimen Display. Serving snacks from 11:30 on too, they said.

Takarada Rikka: That sounds like some super disgusting stuff, don't you think?

Vit: The Wildlife Club is close to the class that makes the buttered potatoes, too... I think I'm losing my appetite...

Rikka Mama: Now, don't say that stuff with a smiling place. Oh, how about this? Introduction to Foreign Cultural Exchange, Announcement Presentation.

Takarada Rikka: That also sounds like something no one wants to go to, doesn't it?

Vit: You can say that again. Is it held in a class that's tucked away in an obscure corner?

Rikka Mama: Now, don't just look at stuff over my shoulder like that! Hey, too close. Too close. Too close, I say.

Vit: Hmm?

Rikka Mama: Then... how about this? Classic Movie Screening at Class 2-G, Featuring Endo-sensei's Skit! CM Parody included, too!

Takarada Rikka: That one sounds the most boring of all, so don't make it sound all exciting! Besides, I don't even know what that skit is about! ...And who's Endo-sensei, anyway?

Rikka Mama: Oh, you... You've been saying no to everything for a while now, yeah? Everyone is doing their best, you know!

Takarada Rikka: Huh?

Rikka Mama: For someone in the go-home club, you sure are acting all high and mighty! Not like the stuff your class is doing sounds any better, either! You think going all-out for an event is uncool or what? Doing nothing and complaining is the most uncool, I'll have you know!

Takarada Rikka: And now she's in full preaching mode...

Vit: Now this is a situation you wouldn't want your classmates to see you in.

Rikka Mama: Do kids these days think it's cool to go against the crowd or something? Why don't you just go with the flow when everyone is having all the fun?

Takarada Rikka: Well, I mean -- I'm not good with this kind of stuff, so I just can't!

Rikka Mama: There y'go, your outcast phase is showing! Now that's a high school girl who eats granola and drinks kinako soy milk for breakfast!

Takarada Rikka: Hey, you're the one who started making the kinako soy milk, mom! 

Rikka Mama: I don't remember doing that!

Takarada Rikka: Nope, you definitely did! And you're the one who bought all the granola stuff, too!

Rikka Mama: And what's even up with the kinako soy milk!? Isn't that just soybeans with soybeans!?

Takarada Rikka: Hey, you're the one who came up with that idea!

Rikka Mama: Like I said, it's not me!

Takarada Rikka: Nope, definitely you! I want to eat normal rice meals for breakfast too, you know! 

Rikka Mama: Oh, so you don't remember!?

Takarada Rikka: Huh!?

Rikka Mama: Didn't you say you don't want it because of all the carbs!?

Takarada Rikka: That was way back when I was twelve! It's ancient history by now!

Vit: Um... Excuse me...

*unintelligible arguing*

Vit: Um... You two? A family argument in a school festival is quite unsightly, so...

Rikka and Mama: Could the suspicious intruder please not butt in!?

Vit: Apologies...

Rikka Mama: Oh, jeez... To think my daughter is turning out to be so selfish and unenthusiastic... How embarrassing! Hah, this ain't good!

Takarada Rikka: Oh c'mon, don't make a fuss like that! You're over forty now, for crying out loud!

Rikka Mama: What!? And why're you talking about my age now? It's not like I wanted to age past my prime, you know! I'm over forty just 'cause I've lived long enough! Besides, even you will be past forty one day, too!

Takarada Rikka: Gah... so loud! You're surprisingly sensitive about your age, you know that?

Rikka Mama: I'll have you know that even Angelina Jolie is over forty now!

Takarada Rikka: But you're not Angelina Jolie, mom.

Rikka Mama: I know! But it's like, if I'm Angelina Jolie, then dad's gotta be Brad Pitt, you know?

Takarada Rikka: I don't even know what you're talking about now!

Rikka Mama: Now wait... those two are already divorced, right?

Takarada Rikka: Hell if I know!

Rikka Mama: Ahh, jeez. I don't wanna move anymore. My legs are hurtin' real bad. Lemme just sit on the floor here. 

Takarada Rikka: Huhhh?

Rikka Mama: I don't feel like moving ever again. Over forty and all that jazz now, you know? Sorry for aging past forty!

Takarada Rikka: Oh c'mon, stop it! Don't just sit here, of all places!

Rikka Mama: No!

Takarada Rikka: Oh jeez... you're such a handful!

Rikka Mama: So you know now? The embarrassment I felt when I was dealing with you. This is just about right.

Takarada Rikka: Gah, I know, I know! So just get up already!

Rikka Mama: Alright.

Takarada Rikka: Lemme just say... You're actually still beautiful, mom. Still lookin' young and all.

Rikka Mama: What the -- what's that all of a sudden -- hehheh...

Takarada Rikka: Now you're blushing? C'mon...

Rikka Mama: Right, so where should we go? Decide on one, Rikka-san.

Takarada Rikka: Eh, gimme a sec here... 

Rikka Mama: Hmm?

Takarada Rikka: Then... wanna go check this out?

Rikka Mama: What's this?

Takarada Rikka: Bubble Tea, Class 1-B... Oh, they've got blueberry milk!

Rikka Mama: Er, I'm good.

Takarada Rikka: Why?

Rikka Mama: I mean, that sounds gross, doesn't it?

Takarada Rikka: Huh!?

Vit: This is kinda... Hmm... Like mother, like daughter, eh?

Takarada Rikka: I kinda like it this way though...

Rikka Mama: Huh?


  1. I'm still hoping we'll hear Akane in one of these voice dramas.

  2. Yuuta looks good in that sailor uniform LOL

  3. LOL Rikka and her MAMA are hilarious especially that whole Jolie and Pit thing 😆

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    1. It's done now. Took longer than usual because I was pretty busy throughout the weekend and got stuck on some parts.