November 10, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 6.6

What Does "Neon Genesis Junior High Student" Mean?

Hibiki Yuuta: About that blue Kaiju who always shows up... he might be able to turn into a humanoid form.

Max: The possibility is high.

Hibiki Yuuta: Do you think we should tell everyone, at least? I want to ask Utsumi for his opinion on the mysterious kid I met today, too.

Max: Yuuta. If we do not hurry, the shop will close before we get there.

Hibiki Yuuta: You're right... Let's go!


Utsumi Shou: Oh... Yuuta! You're late!

Hibiki Yuuta: Mm-hm... Some big stuff today and all that...

Utsumi Shou: Huh... What happened?

Hibiki Yuuta: So you see--

Takarada Rikka: Say, you two...

Yuuta and Shou: Hmm?

Takarada Rikka: You didn't forget that our class schedule changes tomorrow, right? You guys doing alright?

Hibiki Yuuta: Alright with what?

Takarada Rikka: Oh c'mon... the English class is moved to tomorrow, you know.

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh?

Utsumi Shou: Oh, right! I'm toast, man!

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh... What's that about?

Utsumi Shou: The English problem set is now due tomorrow instead of Friday! Dammit... this isn't the time to hang around this kind of place! Gotta hurry home and finish it!

Takarada Rikka: Hey, whose house are you calling this kind of place!?

Hibiki Yuuta: Whoa whoa whoa, wait a sec, Utsumi! I wanna talk about the Kaiju--

Utsumi Shou: This ain't the time for that, man! I put it off because I thought it was due Friday, so I won't make it in time at this rate!

Borr: It's just school, man. Worrying too much, don't you think?

Utsumi Shou: I want to submit all my homework properly, thank you very much.

Borr: Oh c'mon, missing an assignment or two won't be that big of a deal, yeah?

Takarada Rikka: Yow want that quota recommendation or what?

Utsumi Shou: Uh, I'm going to uni with whatever ways I can take. Wouldn't hurt to do things properly, yeah?

Takarada Rikka: Your grades are good too, eh, Utsumi-kun?

Borr: C'mon, graduating from university these days won't help much with getting yourself a job, yeah? I mean, I wouldn't really know since I've never found myself a job though! Hahahaha!!

Utsumi Shou: That's really not something to laugh about...

Borr: C'mon, you'll do just fine with an average academic background, yeah?

Utsumi Shou: Alright then... Which university did you people graduate from? All I see you Neon Genesis Junior High people doing is loaf around all day on weekdays, so... which university did you go to?

Borr: Oh you know, that... Where was that again...? It's one of the GMARCH places... Yeah... Y'know?

Utsumi Shou: Could you please not give up halfway when you're making things up!?

Borr: Oh, don't sweat the details! You just graduated from junior high, for cryin' out loud!

Utsumi Shou: Well, anyone who's in high school is a junior high graduate, aren't they!?

Max: Utsumi. Can one's academic background help one protect people?

Utsumi Shou: Uh, what kind of reasoning was that? Besides, It wouldn't hurt to have a good academic background, right?

Takarada Rikka: That's true... Wouldn't want to look for jobs fresh out of high school, right?

Borr: Then how about just not look for jobs in the first place?

Hibiki Yuuta: True, that... hehheh...

Max: Hahahahahaha...

Utsumi Shou: Uh, nope, that's not funny at all! And anyway! You're in the same boat as me, Yuuta! Don't just laugh along with them!

Hibiki Yuuta: Oh, right... (Damn, this guy can be scary sometimes...)

Takarada Rikka: (Hear, hear.)

Max: Now, Yuuta... Did you not come here to discuss things with everyone?

Hibiki Yuuta: Gah, I totally forgot about that!

Utsimi Shou: Well, I'm goin' home now! Gotta study!

Hibiki Yuuta: Dude, wait a sec!

Borr: That's our school boy for ya! Better study hard, boy!

Utsumi Shou: I'm gonna do that even if you don't tell me to! I'm a junior high graduate, after all!

Borr: You're a junior high graduate!?

Utsumi Shou: You just said that yourself, didn't you!?

Borr: Oh. Yeah.

Utsumi Shou: Ugh... Look, even I... I want to go back to junior high like you people too, you know! It was way more comfortable back then!

Borr: Which part of me looks like a junior high student, huh!?

Yuuta, Shou, and Rikka: Huh?

Hibiki Yuuta: Then... Borr-san, you're an elementary student--


Hibiki Yuuta: Gah--!

Borr: I'll kick you.

Hibiki Yuuta: You already kicked me, dammit...

Max: Do I look like a junior high school student to you?

Yuuta and Shou: No. Definitely not.

Takarada Rikka: Th-then what does "Neon Genesis Junior High Student" mean?

Max: "Neon Genesis Junior High Student" is... a title. Once upon a time, the world was protected by a group of junior high school students, enabling us to face the dawn of the twenty-first century...

Utsumi Shou: Um, s'cuse me s'cuse me, people...

Max: Hmm?

Utsimu Shou: That story... is it long one?

Max: It is a long one indeed.

Utsumi Shou: Then... I'm good. I'll just excuse myself now. Thank you for your hard work, folks~ Catch ya later~~

Borr: Huh... That guy really went home this time. Is this, like, a generation gap or what?

Takarada Rikka: Please, I don't want to hear the generation gap talks right now. Well, about time for me to call it a day as well, I guess...

Max: Are you fine with this, Yuuta? The discussion about today--

Hibiki Yuuta: Gah, I completely forgot it again! Dammit...

Borr: Huh... that junior high graduate left something behind. What have we here... Isn't this a tokusatsu magazine? Yuuta, mind takin' this back to him?

Takarada Rikka: Oh, he just lent that to me.

Borr: Say what?

Takarada Rikka: Well, more like insisted real hard that I took it...

Borr: Gah, so he's the otaku type who doesn't have a sense of distance...

Takarada Rikka: Oh yeah, what about you, Hibiki-kun? Doing alright with homework?

Hibiki Yuuta: I don't know what to call it, alright or already too late...

Takaradaa Rikka: About what?

Hibiki Yuuta: Since I've lost my memories, I haven't been able to keep up with classes at all. Feels like I'm down to junior high level now...

Borr: Nope, that's even below junior high now!

Hibiki Yuuta: Ah, but I'm having no problems with everyday life and stuff. Yeah.

Takarada Rikka: Now, keeping up with classes is a problem in itself, isn't it?

Hibiki Yuuta: Ugh... I mean, I did take all my class notes, at least!

Takarada Rikka: Ahh, I'm starting to see a pattern here...

Hibiki Yuuta: If I keep fighting as Gridman like this... Do you think I'll have problems with entering university later?

Max: Yuuta. Whatever happens, do not ever blame it on Gridman.

Hibiki Yuuta: Y-yes, sir... Right... But what should I do--

Borr: Hey, don't worry about it!

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh?

Borr: Just take some average private uni's AO Exam, then say "I used to fight as Gridman" and you'll probably pass! You'll get in a uni, no sweat!

Hibiki Yuuta: For real!?

Borr: For real! Just "Access Flash!" during the interview!

Hibiki Yuuta: I see... So that it!

Borr: Now, give it a swing!

Hibiki Yuuta: I used to fight as Gridman in the past! My special skill is transformation! Access... Flash!

Borr: Lookin' good, lookin' good!

Hibiki Yuuta: Now that's a relief... With this, I'll pull through somehow!

Borr: Yeah, Max?

Max: Yuuta. Whatever happens, do not ever blame it on Gridman.

Hibiki Yuuta: Y-yes, sir...

Takarada Rikka: Now I'm seriously worried for him...