November 3, 2018

SSSS.Gridman Voice Drama - Episode 5.5

Gridman Didn't Do Anything Wrong

Gridman: Thank you, everyone. This victory, too, was achieved by your cooperation.

Borr: I know, right? Since we're all here, how about we go grab a bite?

Hibiki Yuuta: That's good and all, but will we be taking this Junk with us?

Vit: Well, it wouldn't be nice to leave just Gridman behind, right?

Utsumi Shou: This Junk does take up a lot of space though... Will it even get inside the restaurant?

Borr: Gridman's normal height is like fifty meters, so this is relatively compact, yeah?

Utsumi Shou: Well, that's... true.

Samurai Calibur: R-Rikka isn't here...

Utsumi Shou: Oh, looks like she just went home ahead of us. With her friends.

Borr: Gah... So it's all us guys, huh?

Utsumi Shou: There's this cheap family restaurant near the south exit. Let's go there.


Borr: Ugh... The place's packed...

Utsumi Shou: Whoa, for real... Yuuta, go write a name down on the queue.

Hibiki Yuuta: Sure. Non-smoking section is fine too, right?

Max: No. Only the non-smoking section.

Hibiki Yuuta: Yes, that -- yeah... that.

Utsumi Shou: But really, how'd you people borrow this Junk from the shop?

Samurai Calibur: We did not borrow it, so to speak...

Utsumi Shou: Huh... You bought it!?

Samurai Calibur: Mm-hm.

Utsumi Shou: EHHH--!?

Vit: It's surprisingly expensive, this thing.

Borr: Reasonable price for us Hyper Agents though.

Utsumi Shou: You really forked out your own cash...? Well, who will be taking it home, then?

Assist Weapons: Hmm...

Utsumi Shou: ...Didn't think about it beforehand?

Borr: Definitely not me! Ain't got the space. How 'bout you, Calibur?

Samurai Calibur: I can't.

Borr: Why not?

Samurai Calibur: The cats... They'll gnaw on the power cord.

Borr: You've got cats at home...?

Vit: Oh, yeah... My place's got pets as well, so I'm out.

Borr: You've got cats too or what?

Vit: Clown Loaches. Tropical fish.

Borr: Just a fish tank!?

Vit: C'mon, it's gonna increase my electric bills, right?

Borr: Right... can't help it, huh? So, how about you take it home, Max? You did fork out the most cash and all.

Max: I can not.

Borr: Why not?

Max: Its color does not match with the rest of my furniture.

Borr: What kind of delicate lifestyle is that...? Alright, let's settle on the Utsumi household!

Vit: Oh, yeah!

Utsumi Shou: Don't "oh, yeah" me, people! Of course my household can't take it!

Borr: Can't you just... hehheh... put it in the living room... and treat Gridman as a family member... hehheh...

Utsumi Shou: Don't even think about it... pfft-- Now I'm laughing too, dammit! My brother is in sixth grade, for cryin' out loud! He'd be way too hooked on this stuff!

Hibiki Yuuta: What's going on?

Utsumi Shou: These people split their money and bought Junk out, so we're deciding on who'll be taking it back home.

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh-- It's bought out!?

Borr: That's right. And nobody wants to take it home, so we're talking about it now...

Hibiki Yuuta: Why're you treating it like some abandoned cat!? This is pretty mean to Gridman, don't you think?

Samurai Calibur: I-I'd take it if it was an abandoned cat though...

Hibiki Yuuta: Stop it! He's a Hyper Agent, for crying out loud!

Gridman: Sorry, everyone. All for my sake...

Hibiki Yuuta: No no no, you didn't do anything wrong, Gridman!

Borr: Alright, that's it! Let's take Junk to Yuuta's place!

Hibiki Yuuta: Huh?

Vit: It'd be better for the one who combines with Gridman to have it around, right?

Utsumi Shou: Your parents aren't home, too. Nice timing, don't you think?

Hibiki Yuuta: Uh... That's true and all...

Samurai Calibur: If-if you have Junk accessible within the vicinity of your daily routines, y-you can Access Flash in times of emergency.

Hibiki Yuuta: But my place is...

Borr: What now?

Hibiki Yuuta: It's on the fourth floor. And the mansion building doesn't have an elevator.

Assist Weapons: Hmm...

Borr: That sounds... tough, yeah.

Utsumi Shou: We wouldn't be able to take the entirety of Junk up the stairs. Thinking about it, Rikka-san's place is still the best, yeah?

Max: Hmm... So we should return it, after all. Junk does not belong to any individual.

Gridman: Perhaps that is true. There should be some special meaning in all of us being there.

Borr: The man himself is saying that, so let's take it back, yeah?

Vit: Ah, wait a sec. Are used goods even returnable?

Borr: Should be fine if we have the receipt, yeah?

Max: Hold your horses... There is no receipt.

Everyone: Ugh...

Receptionist: Um... For the party of six...

Borr: Oh, that's our queue.

Receptionist: Um... G -- Grid -- Gridman-sama?

Everyone: Ah -- H-here!

Utsumi Shou: Write your own damn name down, man...


  1. >Crown Loaches
    I think he said Clown loaches

    1. Yup, that's a typo. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Feels bad for ma boi Guridoman, no one wants to keep with him

  3. Thanks for all your hard work!

    It's always a pain when there's external media consistently released alongside an airing anime and the west just doesn't get it and has to deal with that, but thanks to you, that's not the case here.

  4. Hello thanks for your translations, just want to point out Max didnt says helmet but furniture (家具 or kagu)

    1. You're welcome. And thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Nice, but that part where Yuta says Mansion it's actually referring to an apartment building

    1. "Mansion" means "a large building divided into apartments" in British English and as a loan word in several Asian countries, so I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

  6. thanks man i love your translations